Control of result versus process

This is a principle that has a very powerful positive effect on me, not just for exams but for life in general.

Imagine Tiger Woods about to take a golf shot. He’s focused on his breathing, his posture, how he holds the club, how he swings the club, how he’s thinking – the “process”. After he hits the ball, he no longer has control of where it will land – a gust of wind might blow it off course. This is the “result”

The same is true for exams. The result, the actual final pass or fail, isn’t within your control. But everything up to that point is. For example, for your next exam it might be that your most-feared topics come up. If you feel nervous, focus on what you can control: the process to prepare for them.

How to Use This

When you feel stressed or nervous about passing your exams write down the following question: “What can I control to help me better prepare for my exams?” Then brainstorm the answers.

That alone will make you feel more in control; taking the actions you’ve written down will make you feel even better.

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