Creating Accountability

We keep most of the challenges that we take on as individuals to ourselves – we don’t tell anyone about them. Why? Usually we’re worried that we might not succeed and we’ll look like failures.

The truth is that telling people about what we’re aiming to achieve can help us massively. They can hold us accountable for the things that we say we will do; just like holding up a mirror to us as if to say “Are you really doing what you said you would?”

Sometimes having the truth reflected back at you isn’t easy, but it’s very effective.

How to Create Accountability for Accountancy Exams

Choose supportive people you know, especially loved ones, and share with them a written statement of your study aims, such as “I will study three hours every Saturday”.

Ask them to hold you accountable by checking back with you every few weeks. If you haven’t achieved all your aims don’t worry, talk through the challenges you have faced and together figure out how to deal with them.

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