What is a “positive attitude” anyway?!

Most people, including psychology “experts”, will tell you to maintain a “positive attitude”. But what does that actually mean? When you have spent hours studying, are tired, and have hours more to go, someone saying “try positive thinking” is just not going to help.

When you are feeling any of the following:

1) Tired

2) Bored of studying

3) Scared of how much you have to learn

4) Can’t understand the material

5) Just generally feeling low?

It’s very difficult to “have a positive attitude”. And willpower alone won’t get you through. The phrase “positive thinking” is so meaningless as to be completely useless to you.

Attitude strategies

Rather than using willpower alone you can use specific strategies that have been proven to affect and improve motivation, and, more importantly, results.

These strategies are based on psychology of success and motivation and include:

1) Changing how you think – or talk to yourself in your head

2) Getting rid of false beliefs you have about yourself or your exams

3) Setting a clear end point

4) Focussing on reasons why you are doing this

5) Creating accountability with other people

6) Using what you associate pain and pleasure to motivate you

7) Realising what you control and letting go of what you do not control

Focusing on strategies means that you are doing practical things that will actually have an impact on your accountancy exam preparation – rather than wishful thinking!

For more on this please check out the Attitude Videos

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