There are two secrets to passing your exams (“only two?!” I hear you say!): ATFQ and AAQ.

ATFQ – Answer The F****** Question!

Excuse my language, but this is a major complaint from examiners, that students didn’t answer the question asked, instead they answered the question that they hoped to get. Instead of understanding what the examiner wanted, the student dumped all of the information they knew on the topic and hoped to get a good mark.

This approach is not only likely to get you a bad mark for that question, it will also lower the examiner’s impression of you. Remember – ATFQ!!

AAQ – Answer All Questions

The easiest marks to achieve are the first few marks in a question. E.g. it’s easier to get the first 5 marks of a 20-mark question than the last 5 marks. This means that when you’re in the exam you must be very strict with your time management.

It’s better to leave a question when your time for that question is up and move on, than try to get the last few difficult marks. Leaving any question unanswered is a big factor in making you fail.

Remember these two tips in your exams and in your preparation for your exams. These are both HUGE reasons why students who have the knowledge and ability to pass end up failing their accountancy exams.

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