Hi Folks!

Following on from my FREE Pass1sttime.com Essential Exam Report for Accountancy Exams I am going to open up the blog here to answer questions. I am doing this for a few reasons.

Reasons Why

The first reason, I am going to publicly answer questions is because I would like to answer the questions once and let others benefit from the answers at the same time.

Secondly, there is too much confusion out there about principles for taking exams. Bad advice or crappy products are causing a lot of people to fail when the process is really quite simple. You just need to organize your efforts into solving existing problems. I will try and cut though the myths and share with you what helped me pass all my exams in half the time.

Third, I know by serving others here I will draw more interest to my free report due to the traffic and keywords. That is part of the deal, just being totally upfront about it and I recommend you do a similar thing in if you ever set up a website. I hope people will ask good questions and we can all win.

One request please download and read my report before posting questions. I want to expand on what is in the report not repeat it ok?

Note: I will be moderating posts to protect against blatant spam and all genuine posts will be published.

Your Questions & Prizes

I will pick the three best questions and award one of my products to the winners over the next month or so.

I will also pick some of the questions to make free videos and publish them on this blog so if you want me to use your site as an example then tell me in your question. Please note that the questions should not be technical (e.g. how do I do a bad debt adjustment) but around principles and techniques for accountancy exam preparation.

If anyone has a good answer to a question please feel free to comment – I value your ideas.

So, until I close this thread What are your burning Exam Questions?

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