There are three proven steps to effective learning.

Immersion in the Topic

Human beings learn best when immersed, or fully involved. It’s better to learn one new skill with full focus instead of learning five different things at once. Use this when studying – only focus on one topic or area for an extended period of time.

Spaced Repetition

When you learned something new and then didn’t look at it again for a week, what happened? Yes, you forgot most of it. The human brain works on the principle of spaced repetition, which means that you have to review what you learned at regular intervals to fully remember it. If you make sure that you keep the intervals short at the beginning, you’ll be able to space them further apart as time goes on.

Peer Group

The final step to effective learning is to have a peer group, or group of friends, around you for support. Successful teams work on this principle, team members support each other during difficult times and challenge each other to be their best when necessary. Find a group of people who have the same aims that you do so you can help each other achieve what all of you want to achieve.

For a powerful peer group of people who understand the principles in this report see the Mastermind Group and join the community.

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