Discover the Secrets That Successful Students Use to Pass 1st Time!

Looking to find information to help you pass 1st time? Well stop, because you’ve just found it!

Are you looking for the extra edge when it comes to studying for and passing your exams? I know I was when I started out on my studies and so were the many students I’ve worked with and coached on passing their exams.

Now when I was talking to them a lot of them were focussed on the exam questions and getting very technical and I said whoa, hang on a minute. It’s not just about the technical questions, there are a lot of other things that will help you pass your exams. Things that they had ignored!

“Extremely valuable, learned strategies and techniques for not just exams but life!”

Now as you may know there are four aspects to passing your exams, Attitude, Intelligent Learning, Developing Abilities and Exam Execution.

So I wrote down all the tips as I went along, I wrote down the exact formula for succeeding. And I took that and created a slideshow for my very best coaching students, and from that made a video and audio of the very best tips that helped me get done twice as much work compared to anyone else ever.

“Very valuable; many hints and tips that seemed obvious but that I have never used!”

Step I – A is for Attitude

Now the most powerful of these tips were around Attitude. Your Attitude when preparing for the exams. I’m sure you’ve heard about how Attitude determines most of your success, and the same is true for exams. So I’ve put together the very best in Attitude tips into two whole hours of video for you, and here they are!

These online videos will show you:

  • Why a Positive Attitude Doesn’t Work
  • How to Use Specific Mental Strategies to Help You Prepare
  • How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Help You Focus On Why You Are Doing The Exams
  • How to Remove Negative Self-Talk (talking in your head)
  • How to Motivate Yourself to Study
  • How To Get Yourself to Work Even Harder

“I am a part qualified accountant, but due to a brain tumor I have been unable to study or work for the last couple of years. I have recently started to study again (P2) and to begin with I found it quite daunting due to my memory not being what it used to.

I study almost every day and repeat, repeat and repeat everything until it sticks….it was nice to read that you used that method too, it gave me more confidence knowing that other students don’t remember things straight away too. It has made me feel more confident in my studying approach.

Thank you and Kind Regards”
Marie Jones – ACCA Student

“I must admit I am guilty of some of the bad attitudes you mentioned. Right now I am going through a very challenging situation in my life, I felt as though you were speaking directly to me. I must say thank you.

Excellent work.

Thanks again.”
Sharon Wilson – ACCA Student

Now I could sell this for lots of money, in fact I may still do that soon. But while you’re here I’m going to make you a special offer on this first set of videos. Not £100, not even ££50…

But £19.97.

Yes, £19.97 for over two hours of the best Attitude tips I can give you to make a real difference to your exams.

Now I’m only going to offer this Special Double Video deal for a short time so I would urge you to take me up on the offer! Most people do exactly that. So to purchase the videos please click on the button below.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and wish you the best of luck in your exams!

Soul Patel

PS: Once I have created the next set of videos I will be at least DOUBLING the price on the Attitude Videos so please don’t hesitate if you are interested, because it may be more expensive later.

PPS: These videos will stream to your PC directly from the internet so you don’t have to wait to watch them, and can access them at any time by logging into the site!

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