Welcome to Pass 1st Time! The source of Psychology, Strategies and Techniques for Passing Accountancy & Finance Exams 1st Time and Surviving!

Pass1stTime.com was set up with the specific purpose of educating accountancy and finance students about powerful strategies you could use to ensure you pass your exams 1st time round with the least stress possible.

The site is in beta testing and I am adding content as we go. In the meantime please sign up to the free report and future updates. As more information and reports become available I will let you know.

Feedback on the information has included:

Extremely valuable, learned strategies and techniques for not just exams but life

Very valuable; many hints and tips that seemed obvious but that I have never used!

Yes, definitely! I have now understood the Conscious Incompetence stage is unavoidable, this will make me more relaxed at the stage

Covered things I didn’t know before like iterative learning techniques

It definitely made me feel better about my exams

Very good speaker! inspirational!!! Interesting presentation!!!

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